SolarHave you considered solar energy? Custom Development has partnered with SePac Energy Systems to install solar systems. With electricity rates going up, now is the time to consider the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy.

A solar electric system is a powerful tool against the current cost of energy and ever rising utility rates. With recent advances in technology, solar electricity has never been more affordable nor more reliable. Federal, state and local tax incentives significantly reduce the payback period for these systems.

Created in 1954, this zero pollution, unlimited, renewable energy source is THE replacement for fossil fuel. Consumers can now be producers; joining a distributed generation system that not only makes your home and/or business more self-reliant but helps stabilize California’s power grid.

Improve the value of your home or business by an amount twenty times the original investment and pay no additional CA property tax on the improvement. Help reduce pollution; be a part of the solution. Call us today for more information.