Luxury Bath was amazing

“I called several companies to get estimates. I told them I’m looking at getting some people to come out and have bids, and we have caregivers. And everybody else was like, “Oh, we’re too busy.” But the customer service at Luxury Bath was amazing. At the beginning I told them we’re not ready yet, but we’ll be ready in October. And they actually followed up and said, “Hey, how are your parents doing? Would this be a good time? I know you and your brother are trying to balance your schedules.” They took really good notes. They remembered when I was gonna be ready to come out and it made a difference. Then the rep came out and met with me, my parents and my brother on a day that was convenient for us. We wanted stuff that would work for the caregiver, because she’s the one does the bathing for my dad. So the guys that came out and did the install worked with her. It was really helpful.”
~Margo R

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