“My bathroom was not in livable condition and barely functional. I saw Luxury Bath in a home and garden event and their sales rep was wonderful. I never felt I wasn’t heard. We were able to pick out the products we liked, got the acrylic bathtub and had the renovation. A couple of the people who were doing the construction were from parts of the Ukraine and they were really sweet and very careful about communicating. I had to sleep during the day so they were careful not to wake me if they could help it. In addition, I accidentally tripped the fuse or something for the bathroom and my new vent for the shower wasn’t working. I didn’t know that I had tripped it and I just needed to push the button. Kevin, the installation leader, came all the way out just to push the button for me. He was very nice and I felt really bad to take so much time out of this day, but he didn’t make me feel bad.”
~ Lauren M

I never felt I wasn’t heard