About Us

Dino Gilli

No. 267, Custom Development of California trains its employees to carry out product installations and uphold warranties for clients.

AFTER Opening Custom Development of California in 1992, Dino Gilli, our Founder, stopped using subcontractors to install product lines for the company. He made a commitment to training and insuring employees who can perform installations and cover warranties—enabling the business to add offerings such as siding, roofing, solar, kitchens and baths—and evolve the company into one of the largest home improvement companies in the United States.

“It gives you more control over the installation process because as an employee, we can tell them exactly how we want the job done,” says Bob Capron, General Manager and Co-Owner, who created an employee profit sharing program at Custom in 2014. “Since we offer these benefits, we get more career-minded people in the installation department and the sales and customer service departments; [and] so they take a little more pride in it because they take pride in the company.”

“We’re constantly trying to improve our recruiting and our training of our growing staff.”